Dear Readers,
20 March 2018 |

Welcome to the 8th edition of The Energy Insight, Pakistanís premier publication on the Oil, Gas and Power Sectors. Pakistan is an emerging economy and a country blessed with a unique geographic and economic significance. Not only is its vibrant port the gateway to Europe and rest of the world, it has all the ingredients that can trigger exponential economic growth. Despite many favorable factors, the biggest challenge that holds back progress of industry and negatively impacts the economy is the shortfall between demand and supply of electricity. Additionally, highs tariff structures also add to the woes of industrial and residential consumers alike. To add a new level to this complexity, energy consumption in Pakistan is also postulated to grow at a rate of around 8-10 percent per annum by the end of the decade.

While the government is making an all out effort to change the energy mix, rely less on imported and expensive fossil fuels, invest in alternate methods of power generation including renewable energy besides reducing bureaucratic red-tape that will attract greater foreign direct investment, much more needs to be done. Industry stakeholders and consumer households alike need to invest in energy efficient technology and appliances. Simultaneously, wastage of energy must be curtailed at all levels by increasing awareness and encouraging the private sector to manufacture energy efficient appliances like heaters geysers etc. Additionally, distribution line losses need to be minimized that will require investments to replace the existing and dilapidated power distribution system with a reliable and energy efficient one.

As for the current edition of our magazine, it carries extended coverage of the recently concluded and Middle-Eastís hallmark Oil and Gas exhibition. Besides, it will also be distributed at the regions upcoming Power and Electricity showcase where we will represent Pakistanís budding industry and hope to play a role in connecting them with global players of the energy sector.

We trust you will find this issue informative and would also like express gratitude to our readers, advertisers and subscribers for their appreciation and continued support.

Happy reading!