APTMA's glory back with dynamic leadership of industry:
Business Recorder

All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) glory is back with dynamic leadership in the driving seat of industry, winning the hearts of government by ensuring a win-win situation both for industry and the exchequer. Gohar Ejaz is leading the textile industry from front and gradually influencing general industry leadership through his proactive and positive attitude. This phenomenon was manifested impressively in Faisalabad on Friday when Gohar brought together the industry stakeholders and the government. Advisor to PM on Petroleum, Dr Asim Hussain came all the long from Islamabad to listen to the industry concerns on energy relating issues in Faisalabad region. Not only the textile industry but other stakeholders including Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry availed the opportunity and shared their issues with him. However, there was a grand consensus on Gas Development Infrastructure Cess (GIDC) reduction from Rs 100 to Rs 50 in the end of discussion. All the participants spoke high of the role of Gohar Ejaz in fighting for energy rights of industry throughout last three years. They said reduction in GIDC on APTMA's request is a big sigh of relief for industry and it would not only solve the gas relating infrastructure problems of industry but also ensure availability of gas in coming winter. Talking to Business Recorder from Faisalabad on telephone, Gohar said he was grateful to the industry in reposing confidence in him. He said he was happy on a general consensus regarding GIDC and expressed the hope that energy problems of industry would overcome soon.