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Thesis publishing is a specialist publishing house of B2B trade magazines, we rely heavily on the experience of our highly qualified workforce and network of professionals and sector specialists. The crux of our effort is to bring the most updated, relevant and incisive information to the business community that will serve as a catalyst for increased business activities and joint ventures between local industries and international conglomerates.Thesis Publishing is a part of Marine Group of Companies.

Our Vision

"To become recognized as the prime source of information, news, research and innovations in plastics & packaging and oil & gas sectors. To reinforce efforts and services by creating strong linkages between Pakistan and developing & established markets. To create professional forums of publications and social media in order to exchange knowledge, ideas and issues in plastics, packaging, oil & gas industries"


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Our Mission

  1. To provide latest and update news and information on national and international market movements.
  2. To create active forums in order to amplify latest developments in Pakistan's plastics, packaging, oil & gas industries and raise issues which affect them.
  3. Impart simplified knowledge and education to every reader of Polymer & Packaging and Energy Insight.
  4. Generate timely responses on social media which are helpful to create prompt awareness on issues related to plastics, packaging oil & gas industries.
  5. Engage with leading local and international trade event organizers and to promote global and local events by publishing their updates, news and event related information.
  6. Act as a liaison between industries and organizations in order to create useful linkages and interaction to discuss technical and regulatory affairs.

Our Current Edition



Dear Readers,

This August has a very special significance for us. We are publishing the 22nd Print Edition of Polymer & Packaging Magazine which makes us only threequarters away to present the Silver Jubilee Edition of our magazine. Isn't this amazing! Secondly, Polymer & Packaging is covering two very important B2B exhibitions on plastic & food technology; Plasti&Pack and Iftech. These annual events are considered as the best exhibition marketplace places to source machinery and raw materials. The concurrent events are scheduled to take place from 2nd to 4th August 2018 at Expo Lahore.

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Welcome to the 8th edition of The Energy Insight,

Welcome to the 8th edition of The Energy Insight, Pakistan's premier publication on the Oil, Gas and Power Sectors. Pakistan is an emerging economy and a country blessed with a unique geographic and economic significance. Not only is its vibrant port the gateway to Europe and rest of the world, it has all the ingredients that can trigger exponential economic growth. Despite many favorable factors, the biggest challenge that holds back progress of industry and negatively impacts the economy is the shortfall between demand and supply of electricity. Additionally, highs tariff structures also add to the woes of industrial and residential consumers alike.

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